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Frequently Asked Questions

June 12, 2023 by Tamar Ellis


How Do Booking Requests Work?

Once you have put your details in the booking form provided on the page, Accommodation Dahab sends your enquiry directly to the Accommodation Listing Supplier with whom you have enquired. The Supplier then personally answers accepts or rejects your enquiry. All correspondence between yourself and the Supplier happens via email.

How Do I Pay for My Holiday Reservation?

The Accommodation Supplier will create an invoice for your Reservation if it is accepted. You will be notified by email that your invoice has been created. You can access your invoice on your Account Dashboard under “My Reservations” to view the details and make the payment. Some Accommodation Suppliers only require you to pay the deposit, others may require you to make the full payment. Please make sure you read the Accommodation Supplier’s Terms & Conditions carefully.

How Do I Know if My Booking is Confirmed?

Once you have made the payment on your invoice for your Booking, you will receive an email notification confirming your reservation.

Who Receives the Money for my Reservation?

All transactions for your Reservation are done directly between you and the Accommodation Supplier. All monies are paid directly to the Accommodation Supplier for your Holiday Stay.

How Do I Communicate with the Accommodation Host?

Login to your Account and click on Reservations or Inbox under your Dashboard. You have the option to contact the Accommodation Host directly through these options on your Profile Dashboard.

How Do I Cancel My Booking?

Please contact the Accommodation Host directly to arrange for Booking Cancellations. Please ensure you read through the Accommodation Supplier’s Cancellation Policy carefully before making your Booking Enquiry so you are fully aware of any penalties or forfeits.

How Do I Find My Ideal Holiday Accommodation?

You can use our Advanced Search located on the top of the home page to search for a Holiday Listing that will suit your needs or you can search by clicking on the location icons on the Map. Please note: the map displays an approximate location of the Accommodation Listing, not the exact address for safety and security purposes – physical addresses will be supplied by the Listing Host when making your booking enquiry.


How Do I List My Establishment?

Click on the “List Your Property” link provided in the main menu which contains all our listing benefits and costs, and then click on “List Your Property Now” button provided. Fill in all the information on the form provided. You will be required to create an account and be given the opportunity to login directly afterwards in order to finalize your listing.

Will My Listing Automatically Be Live?

No, your listing will be sent through to the Website Administrator for approval. Once all has been approved, your listing will then be live on our Website. You will be notified by email of the outcome. This can take up to 24 hours after application.

Do I Have To Provide My Listings Physical Address?

No, for general safety and security you are not required to specify the physical address of your accommodation listing on the site. In order to use the map feature which enhances the search functionality on the site for potential guests, you can list your establishment street / area / region and use the “place using pin” function.

Can I List More Than One Property Under the Same Profile?

Yes, you can list more than one property under the same profile. If you have already created a Listing Establishment Account on our website, simply login with your details and click on the “Add A Listing” tab provided in the menu. Fill in all your listing details and await your approval.

How Many Images Can I Use on My Listing?

Each listing may have up to 15 images to showcase your Accommodation Establishment.

Can I Sync Booking Calendars from Other Websites / Booking Agents?

Yes. Our Website system uses iCal to generate the booking calendar. You can sync any other iCal Calendar from other websites to our website and use the iCal link provided to sync our Website Calendar to other websites. This option can be found at the bottom of the Calendar section under your Establishment Listing on your Dashboard.

Can I Edit My Listing Once it’s Live?

Yes. Simply login to your Account, click on “My Listings” and then click on the edit icon provided on the right of the Listing Title. Here you can edit and update all details pertaining to your listing.

Where Do I Set Up My Listing Payment Details?

Payment Details and Options can be found at the bottom of your Profile under your Account Dashboard. Please ensure that all relevant information is correctly and properly filled in under your Profile as this is the information used by guests to contact your in various ways. You have the option to accept payments directly or via PayPal.

How Do Guests Pay Me?

Once you have accepted a Booking Request through your Dashboard, you then create an invoice for the Reservation. The guest will receive the invoice which has the payment details as specified by you. If you include a PayPal payment option, the guest will have a button to click to make the PayPal payment immediately. You will be notified once a payment has been made.

Can I Accept / Reject Bookings or are they Instant?

When creating your Establishment Listing, you will be given the option to accept instant bookings or not. This can be found at the bottom of the first section under your Listing Details section. Please remember if you choose to set the system to accept instant bookings, then you will not be able to decline a booking request.